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RUSTA ensures all candidates that there are no hidden or extra fees. Please see below for course prices, or contact us for more information.

RUSTA Remote Pilots Certificate SUAS - (RPCS)Price excluding VAT*
Full RPCS Course

The RPCS includes both the Phase One and Phase Two elements and is needed to obtain Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO).

Phase One includes:
  • Access to eLearning
  • Remote Pilots Certificate (Theory) ground school course;
    • Operations Manual Guidance
    • Flight Planning Exercise
    • Theory Exam (with one free re-sit if necessary)

Phase Two includes:
  • Operations Manual Evaluation (with one free Ops Manual re-evaluation)
  • Practical Assessment

Includes required materials, lunch and refreshments.
Accommodation is not included.
Phase One - Remote Pilots Certificate (Theory) Exam Re-Sit£160
Online Remote Pilots Certificate (£995
Operations Manual Ratification£200
Phase Two - Practical Re-Assessment£300

Note: If a candidate already holds a RPQ theory or BNUC-S Theory certificate then we can offer the RUSTA RPCS Phase Two** which includes the Operations Manual Evaluation and Practical Assessment.  In this case completion of Phase Two will qualify the candidate for a full RUSTA RPCS and a recommendation for Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO).

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RUSTA RPCS (Phase Two Only)**Price excluding VAT*
Phase Two Only
  • Ops Manual Guidance
  • Ground school Flight Planning Exercise (prepares candidates for their Practical Assessment)
  • Operations Manual Evaluation
  • Practical Assessment

**Please be aware that Phase Two candidates must attend the Flight Planning Exercise prior to submission of their Ops Manual.

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*Please note, 20% VAT is added to all bookings.