Operational Evaluation

Upon successful completion of Phase One, and once the candidates / organisations Operational Manual has been deemed satisfactory, then the candidate can move forward to the Operational Evaluation Phase.

Following your three day course it will then be your responsibility to complete your Operations Manual to a professional standard that RUSTA deems acceptable (details for this process will be given during the course). This is essential to progress to your Flight Assessment.  RUSTA instructors will assist you with your Operations Manual by providing advice by email and/or telephone. You must submit your Operations Manual to RUSTA within 3 months of passing the theory exam or you will have to enrol for a new course.

The date will be set by the administrative system and an examiner will be allocated to the candidate.

The candidate will receive a task request from a hypothetical customer. It will follow an identical format that the candidate experienced during the flight-planning module of the theoretical phase.

The candidate will receive: –

• A date and time
• A position- this could be a Lat and Long/MGRS/Address etc.
• A task
• An Examiners details

The candidate will be examined on all aspects such as flight planning, general air handling, emergency procedures and safety.

The candidates must ensure they have the appropriate commercial insurance prior to the start of the phase.


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