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Rheinmetall’s Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA) is the new centre of excellence for commercial UAV, UAS and drone pilot training in the UK.

RUSTA is a CAA approved National Qualified Entity for Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS). Whether you or your company's operators need specific UAV flying training, or training in order to obtain a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the CAA, RUSTA's courses will ensure you get the best service to keep you and your customers safe.
Become a qualified UAV pilot. Find out about RUSTA’s CAA approved Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS training course. Graduation from the course will allow UAV operators to apply for Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), and be on their way to making their UAV their business.
Need to find a course that fits into your schedule at the right location? Not a problem. Find a date and location, then book online.
RUSTA’s Remote Pilot Certificate Advanced (RPCA) UAV training course is a bespoke course specifically designed for the Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

Great course set against a safety benchmark comprising a spectrum of essential operational information provided by a larger than life vibrant erudite.

Ashley Shelley – industrial inspector